It’s still not-so-sunny-Florida today. 

The conference is picking up a little bit though.  Still not exactly what I had expected but I have learned a few helpful tips to take back with me.  I’ve learned how to perform better OCR in order to provide better textual enhancement to digital images.  I’ve learned about some new metadata structures and standards.  And I’ve heard some items that reinforce what I’ve already been doing which makes me feel more sure about myself and what I’m working on.  Overall, it never hurts to hear things again I suppose – whether you’re already putting some methods into practice or not. 

I have also had the pleasure of meeting fellow librarians and archivists that have their own projects going on.  That has been interesting to hear what everyone is working on and realizing that the issues I deal with everyday are felt everywhere.  I am not in isolation!  One of our speakers is an archivist that is currently working diligently on a project to digitize the Dead Sea Scrolls – fascinating stuff. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference and hopefully the most informative.  I’ll be learning about copyright and long term maintenance of digital assets.  And then I’ll head back home to a hotter and sunnier place.  Then starts the process of applying some of the helpful information I’ve picked up here. 

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