a brave kind of day

The Atlanta Braves lost to the Phillies today – 6 to 3… I know because I was there.  I braved the 100 degree heat for a 1:30 pm game.  It was a good game, lots of action in the first few innings than stayed tied up at 3 runs for most of the rest of the game.  Until the last inning when the Braves relief pitcher pretty much gave it away.  I tell you, if the Braves want to be competitive again, they are going to have to focus on getting some pitchers that are worth something.  Anyway, while it was scorching outside and not necessarily the greatest game, it was a good time – even if the Braves did lose.  Now I get to drive to Jacksonville, FL tomorrow for a work conference.  Hope its cooler there, but I don’t much think so.

One thought on “a brave kind of day

  1. I agree with you 100%. I watched some of the game online and some of the game on TV as I continued to pack up my life. What happened to the Braves of yesteryear? I mean seriously. Oh well something will give.

    I hope you enjoy your trip to FL. I know I’ll be stuck here in SC @ SCPL. YAY. Be safe, and have fun.

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