there’s always next year…

Big Brown win at Kentucky DerbySo Big Brown did not bring his A game to the Belmont.  He looked restless and confused out on the track today.  Not the same Big Brown I had watched in previous races.  I’m not sure if it was the record setting heat, or the jockey pulling back a little at the start after a slight stumble, or the simple fact that he had a some dirt in his face going around the first turn.  But whatever the case, today was not meant for the history books.

In my previous post I mentioned my mixed feelings and discussed some of the sordid past of the trainer.  On the one hand I am tremendously disappointed that yet again we come up short of a Triple Crown victory.  But on the other, I feel like maybe it just wasn’t right.  Maybe the cocky trainer, the greedy owners, and the jockey that seems just a bit too cool for his britches just wasn’t the story of champions.  It wasn’t the time for a winner. 

Maybe when the day comes and we do have a winner, it will be a team that fully deserves it and is humbled and honored by it.  A group that appreciates the heart and soul of a truly great sport.  And realizes that it all centers around a horse, a most magnificent creature. 

As for Big Brown – the horse is indeed a champion and should be respected for the record he’s maintained.  But as for the Triple Crown, all I can say is there’s always next year.   

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