my real security blanket

A mother laughs our laughter,

Sheds our tears,

Returns our love,

Fears our fears.

She lives our joys,

Cares our cares,

And all our hopes and dreams she shares.

~ Julia Summers



As a child I remember always carrying around a security blanket.  It was a pure, white cotton blanket with satin edges.  Everywhere I went it also had to go.  I slept with it, ate with it, traveled with it.  If I could not find it or left it behind, my world would stop.  For that matter, everyone’s world would stop until it was found or retrieved.  I was paralyzed without it.


With the blanket I felt safe and warm.  I was comforted and sheltered from childhood nightmares and worries.  I had a constant companion, an old friend.  It provided stability and everywhere I went I had a piece of home with me as long as I carried that threadbare piece of cloth.


I share this with you only to say that throughout my entire life my real security blanket has always been my lovely mother.  She has been the force that has guided me, taught me, loved me and encouraged me.  My dreams have been her dreams, my interests have been her interests.  She has felt every joy, every hurt, and every frustration I’ve experienced.  When I was a child she protected me from the disappointments of the world.  Now as an adult, no longer able to protect me, she listens and makes my concerns her own.  Without her, my world would stop.


She’s the most generous, loving, and faithful spirit I know.  Everything I am I owe to my mother – my best friend. 


I know I often write about my mother.  I cannot help but to write what I know, and what I know is that my mother is going to always be my truest source for friendship, family, and love. 


My brother once said that we were first in line the day God was handing out mothers.  I completely agree.  She is the most genuine, honest, and caring person I know.  She is the person that I admire and aspire to be.     


And I know that as long as I carry her in my heart I will always have a piece of home with me. 


Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!  I love you!!       

One thought on “my real security blanket

  1. You give me far too much credit for the person that you have become. I do thank you for all the beautiful things that you said about me and I love you so very much. I too was the first in line when God was handing out children for I have the most loving and caring in the world. You have been my life and most of all my heart. You are my lovely daughter but you have also become my best friend. I like nothing better than to spend time with you. Our Tuesday night Idol watching has meant so much to me. I appreciate all the time that you spend with me and how now you try to take care of me. I have loved every minute of your life and I am so thankful that God allowed me to have the privilege of being your mother. Love, Mom

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