a long week

So this week has felt exceptionally long. 

Work is crazy – every day brings new responsibilities, new challenges, and new issues.  I have been stretched in a million different directions lately and I don’t see it coming to an end any time soon.  People from all over the system calling me, emailing me with various problems or information needs.  I really don’t mind, it’s just that my position is outgrowing me very quickly.  It is becoming harder and harder to keep up.  Wednesday was especially bad when a person called me to ask how he needed to go about fixing a problem with a generic profile on a PC when, in fact, that is a problem for our IT team.  The funniest and saddest part was that he WAS a member of the IT team…  go figure!  See, that’s what I get, a lot of people calling me for a lot of different things that may or may not be related to what I do.  Oh well!  

Life is busy – My mother’s air conditioner wasn’t working early this week so I tried to help her figure out what was wrong and set up the maintenance appointment.  Fortunately the problem was small, the parts (not the labor) were still under warranty, and the system is back up and running.  Then, one of my best friends graduated from college so I managed to squeeze in attending the ceremony (I’m very excited for her).  And sadly, my boyfriend’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer so I’ve been trying to help him and his family with whatever they need.  We still don’t know the full extent of his condition, but should know more in the coming days after a few more tests are completed.  I am just praying and hoping for the best.  And the list goes on…

The positive though…

I did manage to accomplish some small tasks at work that I’ve needed to complete for quite some time.  And even though they are small, they are necessary for the next, and larger, steps to happen.  I also received some great news from a long-time friend that he will be moving back to town this summer after living away from the area for over 10 years.  I’m very excited about this, he has been a great friend since we were 12 years old and I have missed not having him around.  I also started a photo sorting project of my own.  I’ve gone through every photograph and negative at my house and am reorganizing them and putting them into albums.  My living room is still a mess because I haven’t completed this project but I’ve got a good start on it and hope to finish up over the next week.  (I’ll have to post a picture of my messy living room during the sorting process).  And lastly, I was able to view a 4-D ultrasound picture of my niece who is expected to arrive sometime mid-July.  Despite some underlying family issues, I am very excited about this little one joining our family and I can’t wait to watch her grow up and accomplish great things.

So that’s pretty much it…  I’ll be glad when the long week is over.     

2 thoughts on “a long week

  1. LOL! I just had to reply to your comment about the IT member. I totally agree! It’s funny AND sad at the same time…more SAD than funny, really. But, it’s not that surprising, is it? And that fact is the really sad part!

  2. Listen, first off…you know we don’t have that issue. You know that we have the highest quality employees and staff members in the state…oh wait sorry, I got confused.

    Well, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a frustrating week. I am. Here’s to better times.

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